Over many generations, the Newfoundland pony has been a key part of family life in countless communities all over the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  In recent years many have found new homes across Canada and in parts of USA.  Those who are lucky enough to own one, find it to be a rare treasure.

The pony owes its origins to the earliest settlers who brought a variety of mountain and moorland ponies from Europe to this province as an essential ingredient in taming this rugged land and in meeting the many challenges of survival.

The Newfoundland pony as we know it today is a distinct breed that evolved over time from the interbreeding of these original herds of ponies, that when they were not being worked, were allowed to run wild over the provincial landscape.  And so this hardy, gentle, loyal and lovable pony is a true example of a landrace animal that bred and evolved naturally without any human interference until modern times.

downhome-corporateWe want visitors to this site to learn all about the Newfoundland Pony and we especially welcome pony enthusiasts, including pony owners and breeders.  It may come as a surprise, but unfortunately this beautiful heritage animal is now in danger of becoming extinct.  That’s why it has been recently listed as Critically Endangered by Rare Breeds Canada, The Livestock Conservancy, and Equus Survival Trust.

We want to share the story of the Newfoundland pony with the world.  And we want to enlist your help and support in ensuring that this pony with its wonderful history has a bright future.  It is known for its capacity to survive and thrive but this time it needs all the help we can muster.

My happiest moments as a child were riding my Newfoundland Pony, Betty, in the woods on 3,000 acres of my godfather’s estate near the village of Crambrook, in Kent. Our family lived in the hunting lodge. I was given the pony when I was three. The very first time I got on her back, she threw me into a patch of stinging nettles. But I soon became an accomplished horsewoman. I’d ride bareback for hours all over the property.

– Elizabeth Taylor, talking about her Newfoundland Pony in February 1992, Good Housekeeping magazine