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New Vice President for NPS

February 5th, 2018

New Vice President for NPS
Jason Bull, a Newfoundland Pony owner resident of Eastport, NL, has been named Vice President of the Newfoundland Pony Society in accordance with the NPS Constitution, to fill the balance of the term of Byron Hierlihy who resigned in October. Current term of Executive Council continues until December 31, 2018, with elections for all positions in the fall. Four members submitted expressions of interest for the position, which is very encouraging but made for a difficult decision.
Jack Harris, President


February 22, 2017
Dear Members and Former Members of NPS,As President I want to provide a progress report on the activities of the newly elected board or Council, as we call it, of The Newfoundland Pony Society. We took office on the first of January for a two-year term, and all members were eager to get off to a good start in getting the new council going.

We had an orientation session and first meeting on January 7th and the first regular Council meeting on February 2nd, and got off on a positive note in getting to know each other and having a good discussion about priorities.

Though lots of good ideas were discussed the overwhelming priority expressed by Council Members for our term of office was the Registering of Eligible Ponies and the Registration Process, followed by Communication. Communication between council members and above all with pony owners, members and potential members. This letter is a part of the follow-up on that priority.
Membership: Our new Membership Secretary, Jodie Demerais, has been working to encourage member renewals and new members. Because our Constitution provides for an annual membership, we must start off each year to rebuild our membership numbers. If you renewed or joined after October 1, 2016 your membership is good until the end of December 2017.
Membership is one source of funds for the operation of the Society through the fee, but more importantly, it is a sign of your interest and support for our goals for the promotion, preservation and protection of this fantastic pony breed recognized as a Heritage Animal. So, please sign up online through our website at or print the membership form and send it in the mail. If you have any questions you can contact Jodie through her email address at One of or goals is to build a strong organization to be able to do a better job for the pony. Last year was a good one for membership with a lot of interest in the election and we want to build on that strength.
Registration: I am happy to report that our new Registrar, Kelly Power-Kean, has been doing a fantastic job in getting up to speed and is enjoying the job of NPS Registrar, with a lot of work done by her and the help of the former registrar and other members of the current council. We have worked out a few kinks in the process and you should see faster turnaround, particularly if you deal directly with the NPS Registry for DNA sampling. The proper sampling instructions and barcode for identification will be sent immediately on submission of an application. If you need to contact Kelly about any aspect of registration her email is
It’s also significant to note that we are now up to Registration # 808 on our Registry of Newfoundland Ponies! Importantly, we have registered over 100 ponies that were born in the year 2007 or later and have registered more than 220 ponies born in 2000 or later. This bodes well for the future as we also have many, many, ponies born before 2000 that are registered and still living, quite a few of whom are still breeding.
We are certain there are many other eligible ponies born before or after the year 2000 that qualify for registration and we are anxious to do what we can to get them identified and registered over the next two years of our mandate, while always ensuring the integrity of our Registry. You can help by urging pony owners to register all Newfoundland Ponies with NPS.
Council has also identified an issue which has been holding up several registrations over the past few years – the need for a clear policy on what evidence or documentation is required to establish ownership so a pony can be registered in someone’s name. This can be tricky particularly in transfer situations where the pony may be registered to someone else. The NPS Council has set up a Committee under the Registrar to advise Council on an appropriate policy after looking at what other registries do.
Updated Lineage Report: Council decided at the February meeting to upgrade our website lineage report to include an interactive feature which allows the viewing of a family tree of our Registered ponies by clicking on the pony’s name. We now have an updated Lineage Report of Registered Ponies as of January 30, 2017, on our website with the ‘Family Tree’ feature. This can be found at at Lineage Report 2017 under the ‘About the NFLD Pony’ drop-down menu. I think you will find it interesting and useful.
Registration Manual Project: We are looking forward to receiving the Report from the Committee on the Registration Manual Project which should be available to Council quite soon. We realize the importance of this project as it represents a comprehensive review of the Registration Procedure and Policies, the first in a long time, and will include a number of recommendations for possible action by NPS.
We believe that members and pony owners want to have a fully transparent process with adequate opportunity for input before a registration policy and the manual itself (with whatever changes are deemed necessary) is adopted by NPS.
Upon receipt of the Report and Recommendations, it is expected that Council will take some time to review and study them and then decide and make known its own recommendations with respect to the report for the consideration and comments of members. Only then should a Registration Manual and other recommendations be adopted. If any changes to the Constitution are required, then these, of course, must be put before a General Meeting of the Newfoundland Pony Society.
This whole process will take some time and we will ask for your patience with the assurance by the Council that everyone will be given the opportunity for input before decisions are made. Time lines will be decided by Council once the report is received and will be publicized.
Downhomer Expo: The Newfoundland Pony Society will again be showcasing our Pony with a full booth at the Annual Downhomer Expo and trade show at The Glacier Arena in Mt. Pearl, NL, from April 28-30. The Downhomer Magazine and organization have been a significant sponsor and supporter of The Newfoundland Pony Society and are making available the space to NPS as part of its sponsorship.
Vice-President, Byron Hierlihy, and At Large Council Member, Tammy Webber, are spearheading the effort on behalf of NPS, coordinating arrangements and recruiting both volunteers and ponies. Tammy Webber’s Annie of Avalon, and Kevin Dawson and family’s Millennium Beauty and Klondyke Lady will be the featured guests. You can see their photo’s on the Newfoundland Pony Facebook page. The committee is still asking for volunteers to help staff the booth, sell tickets, talk to people about the ponies, and generally help to make the event a success. This is a good fundraiser and popular promotional event for the Newfoundland Pony.
Government Relations: I’m pleased to report that in response to our request the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has appointed a formal liaison person within government to work with the Newfoundland Pony Society to help identify ways we can work more closely to achieve our goals. This is a great first step and will be followed up with an early meeting to start the process. As the Society designated by the government to act in the promotion, preservation and protection of the Newfoundland Pony and given the mandate to maintain a Newfoundland Pony Registry, we are most interested in a closer relationship and pursuing new initiatives that will benefit both the province and the pony.
Treasurer Position: Pam Pippy, who has served as our Treasurer for the past five years, has tendered her resignation in order to have the time to pursue other opportunities, and to devote more time to her family. Pam has done an excellent job in looking after the Society’s finances and much, much more. She deserves our thanks and gratitude for all her efforts and will be missed. Thank you, Pam.
We therefore need to fill the Treasurer position as soon as possible. Our Constitution gives Council the authority to appoint a replacement for the balance of the term of a Council Member who resigns. There is one person, a member of NPS and Chartered Professional Accountant in private practice, who has volunteered to act as Treasurer for the Society and we are grateful for the offer. The Vice President and I will meet with him soon to talk about the role. We also wish to give an opportunity to others who may be interested in the position of Treasurer to offer themselves, before a decision is made.
Please let me know at if you are interested as soon as possible, so that we can consider all offers to volunteer if there is more than one, and move quickly to have a Treasurer in place. PLEASE NOTE: Anyone wishing to be considered for this position should also provide a written expression of interest including a resume of qualifications for consideration by Council by March 10 2017 to
All in all, I think we are off to a good start as the new council, as we make plans to continue our work on behalf of the Pony. We look forward to getting feedback, suggestions for improvement, and any ideas you have on what the Society could consider undertaking to further our objects.
Jack Harris



February 24th 2017

NPS Registrar Kelly Power-Kean is pleased to introduce the newly formatted Registered Newfoundland Pony Lineage Report for all registered ponies (current to January 31, 2017). The Report now has a new Family Tree Feature that allows you to click on the Registered Pony or a Dam or Sire on the lineage report to see a ‘Family Tree’ of that pony.

“It’s exciting to note that we have over 215 ponies registered that were born in 2000 or later” said Kelly, “and we know that there are many more born before or after 2000 that aren’t registered yet, so please encourage any pony owners you know to register their pony or ponies”. “Please note that while we have striven for complete accuracy”she added, “if you note an error for your pony or a pony known to you, please let me know so we can look into it and make whatever correction is necessary”.  To view the report click on the link in the About page of the NPS web site

Best Wishes

Kelly Power-Kean,

Election Results 2016

The following were elected to the NPS Council on November 15th 2016 and will take up their duties on January 1 2017:

President – Jack Harris

(Past-President – Jessica Boyd)

Vice President – Byron Hierlihy (acclaimed)

Treasurer – Pamela Pippy (acclaimed)

Secretary – Alicia Cooper (acclaimed)

Registrar – Kelly Power-Kean

Membership Secretary – Jodi Desmarais

At Large – Gertrude Maxwell

At Large – Korrine Affleck

At Large – Tammy Webber

Election 2016: President’s Message


November 17th, 2016
On behalf of the Council of the Newfoundland Pony Society I want to thank all those who put themselves forward for election to serve on the Council in the recent election. I also want to thank all those many members who took the time and effort to cast their votes for their chosen candidates.  I’m told that the level of engagement in this election has reached an all-time high for the Society. On your behalf I want to also thank our independent Election Chair Kandace Riteff and IT Webmaster Mark Jenkins who both played a crucial role in ensuring we could have a professional, transparent, and impartial election process and deliver information and communicate to members in a timely manner.

While the new Council will not take office until January 2017, I would be pleased to engage with the newly elected Councillors and offer any assistance I can to ensure a smooth transition. I also hope we can examine the ideas and suggestions put forward by all those who offered to serve on Council so that we can avail of their input and involvement in the work of the Society.
This is an exciting and promising time and I am optimistic about the future of the Newfoundland Pony Society and the work that we can do together to further our aims and objectives for the Newfoundland Pony.
          Jack Harris, President



November 6th 2016

Please take note of the following reference in the Nominations Report sent to all eligible voters on November 1 2016

Candidates are reminded that contact information for eligible voters who have agreed to share their information with other members is available upon request.

Here is the full report:

November 1, 2016

To all Members of the Newfoundland Pony Society:

This is to report on the results of the nominations for election to the Executive Council of the Society for the term of office commencing January 1, 2017. The report of the Election Chair, Kandace Riteff, CPA, CA, is attached here.

There being a single Nominee for the positions of Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer at the close of nominations on October 31st, these Members are elected by acclamation.

Congratulations to Byron Hierlihy, who has been elected Vice-President, Alicia Cooper, who has been elected Secretary, and Pamela Pippy, who has been elected Treasurer.

There being more than one nomination for the other positions, there will be an election by ballot for the positions of President, Membership Secretary, Registrar, and Member at Large (3 positions).

Voting instructions and package will be sent to all eligible voters on or before November 3rd in accordance with the Constitution, which also provides that only those full members in good standing as of August 31st in an election year are eligible to vote. Ballots must be returned to the Election Chair in accordance with these instructions on or before November 15th. You may enquire of the Election Chair if you have a question about your eligibility to vote.

Candidates are reminded that contact information for eligible voters who have agreed to share their information with other members is available upon request. Provision will also be made for candidates to have a statement regarding their candidacy distributed to All eligible voters by NPS.
Jack Harris, President

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NPS Newsletter Committee is requesting pictures of foals born this year (2016) for inclusion in the Fall Newsletter. Please send hi res photos to Pam Pippy at  “Ideally we’re looking for two or three cloe-up head shots of new ponies with info such as name. date of birth, parents and owner’s name” added Pam.  Thanks to those who have already sent photos

Open Farm Day -September 18th Province of Newfoundland and Labrador

The Federation of Agriculture’s Annual Open Farm Day took place on September 18th and Gail and Jim’s Dixie H Pony Sanctuary hosted a very successful event at their Goulds farm. “We had a good group of volunteers to help” Gail told NPS “and they were run off their feet for the whole day.  We had around 600 visitors and as usual the kids had a great time taking part in the many activities and meeting our herd of Nfld Ponies and other animals as well”.

“We think this is an important annual event” said Gail” and it’s wonderful to see the children interact with our animals – for some it was their first  opportunity to pet and to ride a pony.”

Congratulations to Gail, Jim and family for helping to promote our ponies.