Newfoundland Pony Society Extends Free DNA Testing Program

ST. JOHN’S, NL, March 4, 2019–The Newfoundland Pony Society (NPS) is pleased to announce that it is extending its free DNA testing program in 2019 as part of a campaign to ensure that all eligible Newfoundland Ponies are registered in the official Newfoundland Pony Registry.The free testing will be available to the first 50 applications for known or suspected full-breed Newfoundland Ponies to be tested. Applicants must agree to have their pony registered if it is proven to be eligible.

The Society has recently reached #860 in the Pony Registry. “We are very pleased with the recent success in registering ponies, but we know there are many more out there that aren’t registered,” said Jack Harris, President of the Newfoundland Pony Society. “Registration is vital to preservation of the breed and we need the public’s help in identifying ponies and encouraging registration.”

Anyone who owns a Newfoundland Pony (or suspected Newfoundland Pony) is encouraged to apply for a grant. The free DNA testing is paid for in part by the membership fees of the Newfoundland Pony Society,and the NPS wishes to than kits members and their donors for their support.

The DNA testing program is used to identify full-breed Newfoundland Ponies,as it can link the parentage to an existing registered pony. Many ponies have changed owners or have been moved over the years, so the work of identifying them is ongoing. Under the Provincial Heritage Animal Act, the Newfoundland Pony Society has a mandate to preserve, protect and promote the Newfoundland Pony, the province’s only heritage animal, and to maintain a registry of Newfoundland Ponies.Registering the ponies gives them protection as a heritage animal and provides a record of the pony for potential breeding.

Program information and DNA application forms are available on the NPS website at

About the Newfoundland Pony Society

The Newfoundland Pony islisted as Critically Endangeredby Rare Breeds Canada, The Livestock Conservancy, and the Equus Survival Trust.Newfoundland Ponies havebeen a part of family life in communities across Newfoundland and Labrador formany generations. The Newfoundland Pony Society was founded in 1979 andwas incorporated in 1981 as a registered charity (#899 123 053 RRO 001).People may donate at the Newfoundland Pony Societywebsite at or at

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Season’s Greetings from the Newfoundland Pony Society

We wish you a peaceful Christmas and holiday season and hope that the New Year is a healthy and prosperous one for you and your family – and for our special Newfoundland Pony. 2018 was a good year for the Newfoundland Pony Society as we pursue our mandate to preserve, promote, and protect this important heritage breed, which is unique to Newfoundland & Labrador.

Some Highlights

The number of NL Pony registrations are up to #856 with possibly a few more by year end. Watch for the next update of the lineage report on our website. You can help by registering and encouraging the registration of any known Newfoundland Ponies. Free DNA testing is also available. Apply soon.

– This year we were granted a 50-year-lease on 25 acres of land at Hopeall, Trinity Bay which was formerly used as a pony and horse sanctuary. There are plans for land and building improvement next year to use the land for hay and pony pasture. If you want to get involved or have labour, materials or a financial donation to offer, please get in touch with us at:

A big thank you goes out to Downhome Magazine which continues to give us a NL Pony page in their magazine which has national & international distribution. They also host a Newfoundland Pony exhibit at their annual Downhome Expo in Mount Pearl. We appreciate their ongoing sponsorship. Please contact us with any ideas for Pony stories or features. One story that received a lot of attention was about an old Newfoundland Pony nicknamed ‘Mudder’, who was rescued and given a new home in Stittsville, Ontario.  She was identified as Baytona Star, through DNA, registered as #228, whose whereabouts had been unknown for years. Registration counts! To read Mudder’s story see:

– We continue to sponsor prize ribbons for Newfoundland Pony classes at the Highland Creek Pony Shows in Clarington, Ontario. Keep up the good work in showcasing the abilities of the Newfoundland Pony!

– The Newfoundland Pony Pals group has been very active in the Conception Bay North area. Thanks to Byron Hierlihy and other local Newfoundland Pony owners and lots of volunteers for keeping the Pony front and centre at community events in the region. They also secured the use of part of a community pasture which is now dedicated to Newfoundland Ponies. Great work.

– We have an active Re-homing Committee, who find placements for Ponies in need of a new home, headed by Ontario-based Council member Korrine Affleck, with volunteers in several provinces. If you can offer a good home to a Newfoundland Pony, or know of one, please let Korrine or one of our council members know.

Membership Renewal

– Now’s the time to renew your membership. After October 1, new members or renewals are good to December 31, 2019. We value your membership as a show of support and participation in the Society. You can renew your Membership or join online today, at

If you would like to donate to the Newfoundland Pony Society, we issue tax receipts as a registered charity. To donate, please visit Canada Helps:

Once again, happy holidays and all the best for the New Year. We hope to see you at a Newfoundland Pony event in 2019!

“A great pony will change your life. The truly special ones define it…” – Author Unknown

Photo: Driftwood’s Amazing Grace (left) & Driftwood’s Primrose, both 2018 fillies. Photo courtesy of Dr. Jessica Boyd

NPS Announces a New DNA Testing Program

Due to the success of the previous Legacy Grant, The Newfoundland Pony Society has developed a new DNA Testing Program offering free DNA Testing for 50 Newfoundland Ponies (or suspected Newfoundland Ponies). This is a part of our ongoing efforts to register as many register-able Newfoundland Ponies as possible.

The official announcement and the rules / application form can be found in this this PDF.

Should you have difficulty with the above attachment link, the attached document will also be posted on our website.

Jack Harris

Free DNA Testing Available for Newfoundland Ponies on First-Come, First-Served Basis

ST. JOHN’s, NL, July 26, 2018 – The Newfoundland Pony Society (NPS) is pleased to announce free DNA testing for Newfoundland Ponies as part of an ongoing effort to identify and add more purebred ponies to the official registry. Anyone who owns a Newfoundland Pony (or suspected Newfoundland Pony) is encouraged to apply. There are 50 grants available for the testing. Program information and application forms are available on the NPS website at

The DNA testing program is part of the process used by NPS to identify purebred Newfoundland Ponies. Earlier this year, one of the oldest known living Newfoundland Ponies, ‘Mudder’ was found living in an emaciated condition in Quebec, working at a children’s riding stable. Through the efforts of the Newfoundland Pony community, DNA testing confirmed her as Baytona Star #228, a registered Newfoundland Pony whose whereabouts have been unknown for many years.

Because Mudder/Baytona Star was registered, she was able to be quickly identified as a Newfoundland Pony. The rescue and identification of Mudder highlights the importance of making sure that all known Newfoundland Ponies are registered with the NPS. She has since been adopted by a family just outside Ottawa where she is receiving excellent care. The Newfoundland Pony Registry can be found at

Once a DNA application is received by the NPS, if the ID committee finds that there is reason to believe that the pony in question is a Newfoundland Pony, the owner will be notified, and the $50 DNA testing fee will be waived. All owners of Newfoundland Ponies that are tested under this program must agree to proceed with registering their pony for $25 if the DNA confirms that they are registerable.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Libby Carew
Newfoundland Pony Society
Tel: 709.725.7627

Consultation on Draft Registrar’s Manual – Extended

Dear Members and Former Members of NPS,

RE: Consultation on Draft Registrar’s Manual

The Executive Council has received requests for more time to review and comment on the Draft Registrar’s Manual and have decided to extend the period for response and feedback to September 30, 2017.

If you wish to have a copy of the Draft Registrar’s Manual and haven’t received one yet, please email me at

Comment, suggestions and feedback on the Draft Registrar’s Manual should be sent to me or to the Secretary, Alicia Cooper, at

Thank you for your interest and support of the Newfoundland Pony.

Jack Harris


Volunteers invited for New NPS Committees:

NPS Council has established four new Committees and are asking for volunteers from our membership who wish to participate in the work of NPS to consider joining. Please write the secretary, Alicia Cooper at secretary@newfoundlandpony,com

The Committees are:  Constitutional Review Committee, to be chaired by Tammy Webber; Registration Policy Advisory Committee, to be chaired by Registrar Kelly Power-Kean; Pony Care and Protection Committee, to be chaired by Byron Hierlihy; and Pony Promotion and Fundraising Committee, to be chaired by Korrine Affleck.

Presidents Progress Report – May 2017

May 25, 2017

Dear Members and Former Members of NPS,

As President I want to provide a further progress report on the activities of the Council of The Newfoundland Pony Society since my last message of February 22, 2017.

As previously discussed, the overwhelming priority expressed by Council Members for our term of office was the Registering of all eligible Ponies and the improvement of the Registration Process, followed by Communication. Communication between council members and above all with pony owners, members and potential members. This letter continues that process.

We are happy to see new registrations and want to encourage all Pony owners and friends to help us promote Registration to build on the significance of the Pony and enhance its status a Heritage Animal and valuable Newfoundland Pony Breed. We are pleased with the positive reactions from the general public and equine enthusiasts to the Newfoundland Pony and the increased interest. In case you missed it, you might want to have a look at the BBC story, “The little pony that built Newfoundland”, including some great pictures of Newfoundland Ponies on Change Island and a profile of NPS member, Netta LeDrew, at

New Developments:


We have established four new Committees and are asking for volunteers from our membership who wish to participate in the work of NPS to consider joining.

The Committees are: Constitutional Review Committee, to be chaired by Tammy Webber; Registration Policy Advisory Committee, to be chaired by Registrar Kelly Power-Kean; Pony Care and Protection Committee, to be chaired by Byron Hierlihy; and Pony Promotion and Fundraising Committee, to be chaired by Korrine Affleck.

Members interested in participating in any one of these Committees, please indicate your interest to the Society’s Secretary, Alicia Cooper, at

Update to Lineage Report:

In February, we updated and upgraded our website Lineage Report to include an interactive feature with ‘Family Tree’ Charts accessible by clicking on the Newfoundland Pony’s name in the Index. This Lineage Report has now been updated to May 1, 2017 and includes registrations up to NPS # 818, Change Islands Beothic’s Jigger. Several errors and bugs were identified and corrected with the help of watchful eyes. Thank you for that. And please continue. With your help, we will have as complete and accurate information as possible. If you have any information or updates on ponies in the Lineage Report please let our Registrar, Kelly Power-Kean, know at We will now be updating the Lineage quarterly based on the calendar year with the next update covering up to June 30. The Lineage Report 2017 can be found on the NPS website on the drop-down menu entitled “About the NFLD Pony”.

Plans for Pony Photos to be added:

Interest has been expressed in being able to see pictures of the Newfoundland Ponies displayed through the Lineage Reports and NPS is actively pursuing this idea. We would like to have this up and running over the next several months, but first we need to complete the logistics, including software capabilities, required consents from Pony Owners who wish to have their ponies displayed, and perhaps a standard template for the photo to provide consistency in presentation. We welcome feedback on this idea.

Registration Manual Project:

Plans for a new formal Registration Manual continue with Council in receipt of the Committee’s Report which is under review. We plan to have a draft available for Members in early July and open for input until the end of August. We realize the importance of this project as it represents a comprehensive review of the Registration Procedure and Policies, the first in a long time.

We believe that members and pony owners will have adequate opportunity for consideration, comments, and input before a registration policy and the manual itself is adopted by NPS. We want a fully transparent and professional system in place with procedures and policies readily accessible to members and pony owners.

Pony Promotions:

We have an ongoing relationship with Downhome Magazine who generously offer us a monthly advertorial in their popular magazine with a huge and widespread circulation throughout Canada and we continue to avail of this opportunity. If you don’t have access to these pages through the Downhome Magazine, look for them on our website or Facebook page.

We also participated once again in their annual Downhome Expo and trade show at the Mount Pearl Glacier arena April 28-30, which was a great success. We had a full booth featuring Newfoundland Ponies Annie of Avalon, Millennium Beauty, and Klondyke Lady who were real crowd-pleasers. Thanks again to Tammy Webber and Kevin Dawson and family for making their ponies available and all those who helped with trailering, pony care and welcoming the visitors who wanted to get up close to these beautiful animals. The overall event was very well attended from Friday Night to Sunday afternoon and the Newfoundland Pony booth was a big hit. We also sold 50/50 tickets as a fundraiser and the winner, Holly Gulliver, received a prize of $2,597.25. Special thanks to Byron Hierlihy and Tammy Webber who organized the event on behalf of NPS and all the Volunteers, including At Large Council Member Gertrude Maxwell, visiting from Saskatchewan.

We want to express our appreciation to the Downhome organization for hosting us at this event and giving us a great opportunity to showcase the Newfoundland Pony and make new friends and connections for the Pony and NPS.

On June 11th and July 23th at Highland Creek Farm on Orono, Ontario, the Pony Society will be sponsoring a Newfoundland Pony Class at their pony shows. Korrine Affleck, At Large Council Member, from Ontario will be in attendance at the June 11th Show with a Newfoundland Pony Display and promotional material. We are pleased to be one of the sponsors of these shows.

Byron Hierlihy and associates at Pony Pals organization will be busy again this summer with events and activities in the Conception Bay North Region of Newfoundland and Labrador, showcasing Newfoundland Ponies and welcoming visitors to their pony pasture.

Membership: Membership Secretary, Jodie Demerais, continues to encourage member renewals and new members. So, if you haven’t renewed or want to join or encourage your friends to join, it’s a good way to support the Pony.

Membership is one source of funds for the operation of the Society through the fee, but more importantly, it is a sign of your interest and support for our goals for the promotion, preservation and protection of this fantastic Newfoundland Pony Breed recognized as a Heritage Animal. So, please sign up online through our website at or print the membership form and send it in the mail.

If you have any questions you can contact Jodie through her email address at One of or goals is to build a strong organization to be able to do a better job for the pony.

Registration: We are engaged in continuous improvement to our registration system under the lead of our Registrar, Kelly Power-Kean. We have worked out a few kinks in the process and you will see fast turnaround, particularly if you deal directly with the NPS Registry for DNA sampling. The proper sampling instructions and barcode for identification will be sent immediately on submission of an application. If you need to contact Kelly about any aspect of registration her email is You can also help by urging pony owners to register all Newfoundland Ponies with NPS.

I hope you have found this update of interest as we continue with our plans and goals for the Pony and the Society. We welcome your feedback, suggestions for improvement, and any ideas you have for the betterment, protection and preservation of the Newfoundland Pony.

Jack Harris