November 17th, 2016
On behalf of the Council of the Newfoundland Pony Society I want to thank all those who put themselves forward for election to serve on the Council in the recent election. I also want to thank all those many members who took the time and effort to cast their votes for their chosen candidates.  I’m told that the level of engagement in this election has reached an all-time high for the Society. On your behalf I want to also thank our independent Election Chair Kandace Riteff and IT Webmaster Mark Jenkins who both played a crucial role in ensuring we could have a professional, transparent, and impartial election process and deliver information and communicate to members in a timely manner.

While the new Council will not take office until January 2017, I would be pleased to engage with the newly elected Councillors and offer any assistance I can to ensure a smooth transition. I also hope we can examine the ideas and suggestions put forward by all those who offered to serve on Council so that we can avail of their input and involvement in the work of the Society.
This is an exciting and promising time and I am optimistic about the future of the Newfoundland Pony Society and the work that we can do together to further our aims and objectives for the Newfoundland Pony.
          Jack Harris, President