FREE DNA TESTING – To the first 50 qualifying ponies

September 2016

In 2015 The Newfoundland Pony received the designation of Cultural Practice and Tradition under the Provincial Historic Commemorations Program thanks to an application submitted by Dominique Lavers.  As a result, The Newfoundland Pony Society was invited to apply for a Legacy Activity Grant which we were successful in obtaining.  Through this grant, The Newfoundland Pony Society is able to offer free DNA testing to 50 qualifying ponies in the hopes of adding more purebred ponies to the registry.

Who can apply?

  • Anyone who owns a pure-bred Newfoundland pony (or suspected purebred Newfoundland pony) is eligible to apply! That includes NPS members, as well as non-members. Ponies known to be Part-bred are not eligible at this time. 

Where do I start?

  • All enquiries and applications must be made to the registrar. Please contact the NPS registrar at the email below and you will be sent a link where you can enter your pony’s data and submit required photos.  Providing that the Registrar and ID Committee think your pony may qualify you will be sent a DNA kit along with instructions on how to take the hair sample and where to send it. You should receive the results within 4 weeks of the lab receiving the sample.

or by mail:-
NPS – DNA Legacy Grant
P.O. BOX 8132
St. John’s, NL
A1B 2M9

Rules and Regulations:

Requests will be taken in the order they are received (first come, first served!).
– Requests are limited to a maximum of 2 ponies per owner/family/address.
– Photos can be sent separately to the registrar at the above email or to the NPS mailing address.
– This initiative will end upon the exhaustion of the allocated funds.