The Newfoundland Pony Society is pleased to release the latest update to our new interactive Lineage Report.

Please click on the link below to see our Registered Newfoundland Pony Lineage Report with Family Tree Feature with updates and newly registered ponies.

This feature allows you to click on the Registered Pony on the lineage report to see a ‘Family Tree’ of that Pony. You may then click on a pony in that ‘tree’ to search their ancestors, too.

>> Newfoundland Pony Lineage Report – Pony Ancestry

We are also pleased to provide a NEW FEATURE that produces a list of registered offspring of a pony in a separate ‘Offspring Feature’. Click on the button below to open this new application. Any pony listed in Bold will have offspring in our database. If you click that pony’s name a list will show of its registered offspring. And that list will have bolded any pony which has registered offspring.

>> Newfoundland Pony Lineage Report – Pony Offspring

We do our best to incorporate all the changes in status and corrections that have been brought forward, but if any have been missed or additional ones identified, please let us know.

Also, we are on a campaign to register qualifying Newfoundland Ponies that aren’t yet registered, so please encourage any pony owners you know to register their pony or ponies or make enquires to find out if they qualify. NPS is currently offering a program to waive the cost of DNA testing for the first 50 applicants who apply. Contact the Registrar or check the website for a link to the application form and the rules.

We also urge pony owners to complete the Application for Transfer of Ownership on the back of the Certificate of Registration and send to NPS when ponies move to a new home and notify the society in the event of a death or the gelding of a stallion in order to help us keep our records up to date.

We hope you find our new format with the family tree and offspring features useful and we encourage all pony owners to continue to forward suggestions and recommendations. If you have any difficulty using this report, please let us know.

The next update is scheduled for September 30, 2019

Kelly Power-Kean,