February 24th 2017

NPS Registrar Kelly Power-Kean is pleased to introduce the newly formatted Registered Newfoundland Pony Lineage Report for all registered ponies (current to January 31, 2017). The Report now has a new Family Tree Feature that allows you to click on the Registered Pony or a Dam or Sire on the lineage report to see a ‘Family Tree’ of that pony.

“It’s exciting to note that we have over 215 ponies registered that were born in 2000 or later” said Kelly, “and we know that there are many more born before or after 2000 that aren’t registered yet, so please encourage any pony owners you know to register their pony or ponies”. “Please note that while we have striven for complete accuracy”she added, “if you note an error for your pony or a pony known to you, please let me know so we can look into it and make whatever correction is necessary”.  To view the report click on the link in the About page of the NPS web site

Best Wishes

Kelly Power-Kean,