Historically Newfoundland pony owners or breeders have been able to use a variety of ways in order to sell, trade or buy their ponies.  These have included Buy and Sell services provided by various equine organisations including the Newfoundland Pony Society (NPS), and of course a wide choice of trade magazines and other media outlets.

While NPS no longer provides a Buy and Sell service we do learn about ponies for sale, or in need of rescue from time to time and we will continue to help where we can.

Meanwhile, the advent of the Internet and social media has brought about a real revolution in communications in every respect, so that for most people interested in buying or selling Newfoundland ponies their best starting point is most likely going to be an Internet search. As a result of the Internet, the Newfoundland pony community of owners and breeders is now very well connected with each other, no matter where they live.

When buying a registered pony ALWAYS make sure the seller provides a dated and signed bill of sale and a signed registration certificate.  This will ensure that you’ll be able to register the pony in your name and provides a paper trail for NPS records.

There are many Face book sites that are devoted to equines in general and to the Newfoundland pony in particular. Owners and breeders can now talk among themselves and to each other daily on Face book and other media sites.  If you have an interest in joining a Face book group here are some sites to get started.  If you’re interested you will certainly find many more!

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