Christmas Greetings from the Newfoundland Pony Society

We wish you a joyous Christmas season and hope that the New Year brings you health and prosperity. Here are some highlights from the year about our beloved Newfoundland Pony:

New Life!

Jam Jam. owner: Dominique Lavers

2019 was the year of the Newfoundland Pony foal! We know of at least 25 foals born this year, and our volunteer Registrar is working hard to add them to the official Registry. You can see 22 gorgeous foals featured in our calendar fundraiser. We still have a few calendars left for sale in our webstore at Special thanks to Downhome Magazine, Nonia, the Co-op, Newfoundland Weavery, and Spirit of Newfoundland for helping to sell them. We couldn’t do it without you.

How Many Newfoundland Ponies?

We’re often asked how many Newfoundland Ponies there are? We are approaching Registration # 900 in the Registry including those in Newfoundland & Labrador, the rest of Canada and the U.S. This means we have registered 700 ponies since the modern registry with DNA test identification was started in 1999. But over 160 of those are known to be deceased, and the status of a number of others is unknown. We also know of ponies that could be registered but aren’t. We encourage owners to register their ponies so we can keep track of where they are and match their offspring. We also ask that deaths be reported too. Not only does it enable us to track their offspring and add others to the Registry, but it helps protect them when they are moved or sold. On that front, we have good news: we will be continuing our free DNA testing program in 2020 thanks to sales from the calendar and membership fees. Forms are available on our website.

Special Thanks

Margaret Mead said, “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.” The NPS is fortunate to have the help of not just a few – but many caring people. Their dedication and hours of service is having a big impact on the future preservation of the province’s only heritage breed. We have some very special people whose ongoing efforts in breeding, providing free stud service, keeping an eye out for ponies in danger and helping in rescues, and promoting the pony. We thank each of you for your work. It is having an impact.

Update on Newfoundland Pony Society Land in Trinity Bay

We recently received a very generous donation from a supporter to kick-start our fundraising for what we want to create as The Newfoundland Pony Heritage Park on 25 acres of land in Trinity Bay near Hopeall on a long-term lease from the Provincial Government. We plan to repair fencing to provide pasture land, upgrade the buildings on site and develop story boards for visitors and tourists on the history and the status of the Newfoundland Pony and the role it played in our history.

Ultimately, we hope this will be an important site where members of the public, school groups and tourists will be able to see and interact with the Newfoundland Ponies and learn of their history. It’s not far from St. John’s and the Argentia ferry terminal, so it will be accessible to tourists and residents alike. If you would like to donate toward the cost of this special project please contact us at:

2 Studs for Hire

Who doesn’t like Smithwicks and Guinness?! This was one of our favorite stories in Downhome Magazine about two Newfoundland Stallions (14 hands high) with a valuable blood line owned by Dave and Joan Moloughney of Westport, Ontario. You can read about these big boys here.

Lastly, if you would like to donate to the Newfoundland Pony Society, we issue tax receipts as registered charity (# 899 123 053 RR0 001). To donate, please visit Canada Helps:

Once again Happy Holidays and all the Best for the New Year!

We hope to see you at a Newfoundland Pony event in 2020.


Jack Harris, President

Newfoundland Pony Society Extends Free DNA Testing Program

ST. JOHN’S, NL, March 4, 2019–The Newfoundland Pony Society (NPS) is pleased to announce that it is extending its free DNA testing program in 2019 as part of a campaign to ensure that all eligible Newfoundland Ponies are registered in the official Newfoundland Pony Registry.The free testing will be available to the first 50 applications for known or suspected full-breed Newfoundland Ponies to be tested. Applicants must agree to have their pony registered if it is proven to be eligible.

The Society has recently reached #860 in the Pony Registry. “We are very pleased with the recent success in registering ponies, but we know there are many more out there that aren’t registered,” said Jack Harris, President of the Newfoundland Pony Society. “Registration is vital to preservation of the breed and we need the public’s help in identifying ponies and encouraging registration.”

Anyone who owns a Newfoundland Pony (or suspected Newfoundland Pony) is encouraged to apply for a grant. The free DNA testing is paid for in part by the membership fees of the Newfoundland Pony Society,and the NPS wishes to than kits members and their donors for their support.

The DNA testing program is used to identify full-breed Newfoundland Ponies,as it can link the parentage to an existing registered pony. Many ponies have changed owners or have been moved over the years, so the work of identifying them is ongoing. Under the Provincial Heritage Animal Act, the Newfoundland Pony Society has a mandate to preserve, protect and promote the Newfoundland Pony, the province’s only heritage animal, and to maintain a registry of Newfoundland Ponies.Registering the ponies gives them protection as a heritage animal and provides a record of the pony for potential breeding.

Program information and DNA application forms are available on the NPS website at

About the Newfoundland Pony Society

The Newfoundland Pony islisted as Critically Endangeredby Rare Breeds Canada, The Livestock Conservancy, and the Equus Survival Trust.Newfoundland Ponies havebeen a part of family life in communities across Newfoundland and Labrador formany generations. The Newfoundland Pony Society was founded in 1979 andwas incorporated in 1981 as a registered charity (#899 123 053 RRO 001).People may donate at the Newfoundland Pony Societywebsite at or at

Media Contact:
Libby Carew
Newfoundland Pony Society
Tel: 709.725.7627

Newfoundland Pony SocietyTel: 709.725.7627Email:

NPS Announces a New DNA Testing Program

Due to the success of the previous Legacy Grant, The Newfoundland Pony Society has developed a new DNA Testing Program offering free DNA Testing for 50 Newfoundland Ponies (or suspected Newfoundland Ponies). This is a part of our ongoing efforts to register as many register-able Newfoundland Ponies as possible.

The official announcement and the rules / application form can be found in this this PDF.

Should you have difficulty with the above attachment link, the attached document will also be posted on our website.

Jack Harris

Free DNA Testing Available for Newfoundland Ponies on First-Come, First-Served Basis

ST. JOHN’s, NL, July 26, 2018 – The Newfoundland Pony Society (NPS) is pleased to announce free DNA testing for Newfoundland Ponies as part of an ongoing effort to identify and add more purebred ponies to the official registry. Anyone who owns a Newfoundland Pony (or suspected Newfoundland Pony) is encouraged to apply. There are 50 grants available for the testing. Program information and application forms are available on the NPS website at

The DNA testing program is part of the process used by NPS to identify purebred Newfoundland Ponies. Earlier this year, one of the oldest known living Newfoundland Ponies, ‘Mudder’ was found living in an emaciated condition in Quebec, working at a children’s riding stable. Through the efforts of the Newfoundland Pony community, DNA testing confirmed her as Baytona Star #228, a registered Newfoundland Pony whose whereabouts have been unknown for many years.

Because Mudder/Baytona Star was registered, she was able to be quickly identified as a Newfoundland Pony. The rescue and identification of Mudder highlights the importance of making sure that all known Newfoundland Ponies are registered with the NPS. She has since been adopted by a family just outside Ottawa where she is receiving excellent care. The Newfoundland Pony Registry can be found at

Once a DNA application is received by the NPS, if the ID committee finds that there is reason to believe that the pony in question is a Newfoundland Pony, the owner will be notified, and the $50 DNA testing fee will be waived. All owners of Newfoundland Ponies that are tested under this program must agree to proceed with registering their pony for $25 if the DNA confirms that they are registerable.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Libby Carew
Newfoundland Pony Society
Tel: 709.725.7627

Consultation on Draft Registrar’s Manual – Extended

Dear Members and Former Members of NPS,

RE: Consultation on Draft Registrar’s Manual

The Executive Council has received requests for more time to review and comment on the Draft Registrar’s Manual and have decided to extend the period for response and feedback to September 30, 2017.

If you wish to have a copy of the Draft Registrar’s Manual and haven’t received one yet, please email me at

Comment, suggestions and feedback on the Draft Registrar’s Manual should be sent to me or to the Secretary, Alicia Cooper, at

Thank you for your interest and support of the Newfoundland Pony.

Jack Harris


Volunteers invited for New NPS Committees:

NPS Council has established four new Committees and are asking for volunteers from our membership who wish to participate in the work of NPS to consider joining. Please write the secretary, Alicia Cooper at secretary@newfoundlandpony,com

The Committees are:  Constitutional Review Committee, to be chaired by Tammy Webber; Registration Policy Advisory Committee, to be chaired by Registrar Kelly Power-Kean; Pony Care and Protection Committee, to be chaired by Byron Hierlihy; and Pony Promotion and Fundraising Committee, to be chaired by Korrine Affleck.