The Newfoundland Pony Society (NPS) is the official organization responsible for the preservation and protection of the Newfoundland Pony. Under the Heritage Animal Act, the NPS is mandated to protect and maintain the Newfoundland Pony Registry.

In the Fall of 1979, a group of concerned pony owners held a public meeting in St. John’s and the Newfoundland Pony Society was created. The NPS was incorporated in 1981 as a registered charity (#8991 23053 RR0001).

The Society convinced the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador that the Newfoundland Pony was a living part of the province’s cultural history and as such, required legal protection before there were too few ponies to maintain a healthy population. This initiative resulted in the Heritage Animals Act being passed on December 19, 1996. The Newfoundland Pony and the Newfoundland Pony Society received their official designation under this Act on September 15, 1997.

The NPS is governed by a volunteer board of directors.

The Society’s Constitutional Objectives are as follows:

2.1 To protect and preserve the Newfoundland Pony.

2.2 To identify, select and care for breeding stock.

2.3 To provide assistance, as possible, to sanctuaries and recognized groups which help preserve the Newfoundland Pony.

2.4 To inspect and appraise colts.

2.5 To maintain a registry and encourage registration of qualified stock and foals.

2.6 To supply advisory assistance to breeders and owners.

2.7 To promote interest in the pony and emphasize its value.

2.8 To help, as possible, find adoptive and/or foster homes for displaced or otherwise needy ponies.

2.9 To propose standards which conform to the pony in its established form and not change these standards to conform with other ideals which do not relate to the established pony.

2.10 To serve as the society designated by the Newfoundland Pony Designation Order, 2012 (Newfoundland and Labrador Regulation 39/12) under the Animal Health and Protection Act SNL2010 Chapter A-9.1 and to fulfill the objects and duties set forth in Sections 51 and 52 of the said Act.

2.11 To affiliate, when suitable, with other organizations that have similar or complementary objectives.

2.12 To promote membership in the Society and the Society itself.

2.13 To publish newsletters, circulars and other promotional or informational materials that furthers the objectives of the Society.

2.14 To otherwise promote the interests of the Society and the Newfoundland Pony in ways agreeable to the membership.