Guinness and Smithwicks

Guinness and Smithwicks are like any other young brothers. The 9-year-olds spend most of their days playing, running around and chasing each other. The stunning registered Newfoundland Pony stallions live in Westport, Ontario at J&D Farms with proud owners Dave and Joan Moloughney. From time to time, duty calls when a mare is brought to the farm to be bred! Guinness (#772) and Smithwicks (#773) are sought-after studs for breeding, owing to their valuable bloodline in the Newfoundland Pony breed – and their large size. Guinness is 14 hands high and Smithwicks is over 14 hands. Their father is the majestic Captain Sweetapple (#591) and their mother, the beautiful Pallas Athene (#763).

In the Newfoundland Pony world, the brothers are a best kept secret, as their physical characteristics and temperament deliver the best of what this pony is known for. Dave says, “I swear they remember everything. When Joan suffered a stroke a few years ago, they would watch out for her and follow her around. It’s as if they knew something had happened.”

Some people are quick to geld stallions in order to control aggressive behavior. Thankfully Dave and Joan are committed to working with the stallions to ensure their bloodline is passed onto a new generation of Newfoundland Ponies. Dave has been around horses all his life and cautions against isolating these herd animals: “the more you isolate them, the meaner they get.”

He ís a big fan of Newfoundland Ponies and finds the breed sure-footed, east to train and wonderful with children. His grandchildren, aged two to seven, spend time in the ring with Guinness and Smithwicks. The ponies are gentle with them, as if they know somehow that they are children.