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Free DNA Testing Available for Newfoundland Ponies on First-Come, First-Served Basis

ST. JOHN’s, NL, July 26, 2018 – The Newfoundland Pony Society (NPS) is pleased to announce free DNA testing for Newfoundland Ponies as part of an ongoing effort to identify and add more purebred ponies to the official registry. Anyone who owns a Newfoundland Pony (or suspected Newfoundland Pony) is encouraged to apply. There are 50 grants available for the testing. Program information and application forms are available on the NPS website at

The DNA testing program is part of the process used by NPS to identify purebred Newfoundland Ponies. Earlier this year, one of the oldest known living Newfoundland Ponies, ‘Mudder’ was found living in an emaciated condition in Quebec, working at a children’s riding stable. Through the efforts of the Newfoundland Pony community, DNA testing confirmed her as Baytona Star #228, a registered Newfoundland Pony whose whereabouts have been unknown for many years.

Because Mudder/Baytona Star was registered, she was able to be quickly identified as a Newfoundland Pony. The rescue and identification of Mudder highlights the importance of making sure that all known Newfoundland Ponies are registered with the NPS. She has since been adopted by a family just outside Ottawa where she is receiving excellent care. The Newfoundland Pony Registry can be found at

Once a DNA application is received by the NPS, if the ID committee finds that there is reason to believe that the pony in question is a Newfoundland Pony, the owner will be notified, and the $50 DNA testing fee will be waived. All owners of Newfoundland Ponies that are tested under this program must agree to proceed with registering their pony for $25 if the DNA confirms that they are registerable.

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