Heritage Park


A permanant home for The Newfoundland Pony


The Heritage Pasture



We had an amazing 2023 season. Thanks to all who visited Rhonda and her beautiful foal. We especially thank our seasonal staff, Stephen Pitcher and Charlotte Legge, and the volunteers who worked hard to run many interactive activities with the ponies. Stay tuned for our summer 2024 plans and opening date!

Have a great winter.


             Photo Credit: Helen Milley

This project is thanks to the hard work of dedicated volunteers. In 2018 the Newfoundland Pony Society secured a 50-year agricultural lease on 25 acres of Crown land near Hopeall, Trinity Bay with plans to restore the pasture and create a dedicated showcase area called The Newfoundland Pony Heritage Park. The park will provide free grazing pasture and breeding space for Newfoundland Pony owners in the area, in addition to a visitor centre for school groups, the public and tourists.

Once in the thousands, there are now an estimated 500-600 Newfoundland Ponies in Canada and the U.S., with the actual number of breeding ponies much lower.  This hard-working animal played an important role in the survival of rural Newfoundland; they hauled wood for building and heating houses, they pulled kelp from the beach for gardens, and were a dependable means of transportation for families.

 How to Get Here

Pasture is located off Route 80 – Trinity South Highway.

Take exit 28 off of the TCH onto NL-80, towards New Harbour /Dildo. It’s about a 20 minute drive once you exit the TCH. You will pass a sign and parking on the right hand side for Hopeall Falls, a wonderful and scenic hike with waterfalls. There is a dirt road on the right hand side just past Hopeall Falls with a sign for the Newfoundland Pony Pasture. The Heritage Pasture is on the left of the dirt road, you will see a gate and two red barns and a sign for the Newfoundland Pony Society.

Fundraising Goals


Phase 1: Pasture Development

Fundraising Goal: $75,000

  • Repair and replace the fencing on the land
  • Rehabilitate the pasture for grazing
  • Refurbishment of water supply
  • Grade the entrance area and create accessible parking

Phase 2: Visitor Centre

Fundraising Goal $175,000

  • Upgrade the electrical system 
  • Repair the existing barn
  • Develop a small visitor centre and welcome area 
  • Produce outdoor storyboards to tell the history and features of the NL Pony

Tax Deductible Donation

There are currently very few opportunities for the public to view and learn about the Newfoundland Pony. This is an opportunity to give the Newfoundland Pony a permanent home and to ensure its special history and cultural importance will be protected for future generations. 

We are asking for your support to help us reach out goal of 75,000 for Phase 1. The NPS is a registered charity (# 899 123 053 RR0 001) and will issue receipts for tax purposes. If you would like additional information about how you can contribute toward the permanent home for the Newfoundland Pony, please contact us.

Rob Paddon

Treasurer, NPS




Libby Carew

Member-at-large, NPS