Homes Needed for Newfoundland Ponies
Published On August 11, 2020

We have an active Rehoming Committee who find placements for Ponies in need of a new home, headed by Ontario-based Council member Korrine Affleck, with volunteers active in several provinces. We have a need for homes in Newfoundland for several ponies at this time. If you can offer a good home to a Newfoundland Pony, or know of one, please let Korrine or one of our council members know. Our committee is looking to build a list of potential homes for ponies as the need arises. 
We would like to add that the majority of times, these rescue ponies have had very little handling. With some time and attention they can become wonderful members of your family. Well trained ponies are typically sold and not surrendered. They are also herd animals and require some sort of animal companion.