Newfoundland Pony Herdbook Published Online!
Published On August 2, 2022

August 1, 2022 – The Newfoundland Pony Society’s First Annual Herdbook of Registered Newfoundland Ponies is now available online on our website. The Herdbook contains listings of all registered Newfoundland Ponies as of December 31, 2021 with details of birth, parentage, ancestry and location of each pony. The Herdbook also displays photographs of ponies where they have been made available by owners for this purpose.  The Annual Herdbook is a snapshot in time and a new volume each year will include the addition of new ponies plus any changes in status or the location of the pony as of the end of that year.

We believe this publication will be a positive tool for research and of general interest to Newfoundland Pony owners and lovers of the Newfoundland Pony. Most importantly of all, it will serve as an aid to those who wish to breed their Newfoundland Pony by showing the general location of other Newfoundland Ponies and information about their ancestry, offspring, if any, and as the collection of photos online expands, their looks.

This first edition is labelled Preliminary because we want help in updating information, particularly as to location, where our records are incomplete. Over the years many ponies have been sold or moved without notification to NPS or transfer documents registered, so we want everyone’s help in ensuring the Herdbook is as accurate as possible. So please contact us if information on your pony is inaccurate or if you have knowledge of a pony inconsistent with the information displayed.