Newfoundland Pony Society Launches Name the Foal Challenge
Published On August 22, 2023

St. John’s, August 16, 2023 – There’s so much in a name; especially when it comes to Newfoundland Ponies! Names like Shalloway’s Wind in the Willows, Prince Tamarack, Touton of Jellybean Row and Change Islands Charlie! Their names are unique to Newfoundland and Labrador’s communities, culture and people. The Newfoundland Pony Society (NPS) is inviting people to join in the fun of suggesting a name for the 3-month-old foal (a female) who is one of the resident ponies this summer at the Heritage Pasture and Park in Hopeall, Trinity Bay.

This sweet, gentle foal is on pasture alongside her mother, Dawson’s Rhonda of Avalon (NPS #813) who is owned by the Dawson family in Bay Roberts. This Newfoundland Pony foal is extra special, not only because every foal is important when it comes to an endangered breed, but because her sire is the stallion who died tragically on the Tilton Barrens highway last year. His name was Dawson’s Bernie Frances (NPS #938) and this foal is his only offspring.

Names can be submitted in person at the pasture in Hopeall, or online. If people would like to donate when they submit a name, the funds raised will be used to help people who own Newfoundland Pony stallions in the Province. The pasture at Hopeall is open to visitors Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Stallions require special fencing with extra precautions to keep them safe in the non-breeding months. In some cases, double fencing or extra high fences are needed to prevent them from jumping or breaking down the fence.  Also, they need individual, secure pastures or paddocks for the breeding season when mares are visiting. All these requirements including the housing and transportation of stallions, is an extra cost to owners and we would like to help them.

At the end of the summer, the names will be sent to the family who own the filly. The family will review the names and decide if they want to pick one from the public submissions. To submit a name, click here: And remember, be creative!

For more information about the Newfoundland Heritage Pasture and Park, or to get involved, please contact the NPS at Donations to NPS are tax deductible and can be made via Canada Helps. It is estimated that the current Newfoundland Pony population is between 400-500 animals in Canada and the U.S. Many are gelded or aged mares, so not suitable for breeding purposes. An ongoing effort on the part of concerned individuals from across Canada has stabilized the population. However, the Newfoundland Pony continues to be identified as a critically endangered species.


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