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Newfoundland Pony Society - Online Application for Pony Registration


PLEASE NOTE: If at any point you need clarification on any issue relating to Registration please contact Kelly Power-Kean DO NOT USE FACEBOOK MESSAGING.

The Registrar accepts applications for registration of both full blooded NL ponies and for Part-bred NL ponies. Here’s how the system works.

Please note that in either case you can apply for only one pony at a time. If you have more than one pony you simply repeat the process for each one. Only ponies that have registered sires and dams will qualify for full blooded NL pony registration.

At the bottom of this page, you will see three (3) options.

Option 1 is for owners who wish to register a pony and require a DNA test to establish parentage.

Option 2 is for owners who prefer to have their pony DNA tested BEFORE applying for full Registration. Under this Option owners will pay for the DNA testing fee as in Option 1.

Option 3 is for owners who have a completed DNA test, and are seeking registration only.

There are three steps to the initial application process.

In step 1, you click the buy now button (below). You are then taken to PayPal’s Gateway where your payment can be processed. All major credit cards (and of course PayPal accounts) are accepted.Once you fill out your payment information, and your payment is processed, you will be re-directed back to our site for step 2. If you are not re-directed automatically, there is a link on PayPal’s site that will get you back to the correct page to continue the registration process.

In step 2, you fill in the important information regarding your pony. Please fill out as much of the form as you can, and click the submit button at the bottom. Once you click the submit button, your pony’s data is in our system. Please take note of the legal declaration at the bottom of the form.

In step 3, You will be able to submit the various profile pictures of your pony. We currently require 5 pictures, from 5 standard angles. If you have already submitted pictures, you may skip the picture submission step.The 5 standard photos that we ask for are:Photo 1: Full body profile from right.Photo 2: Full body profile from left.Photo 3: Hind end shot (from croup or highest point of the rump to their heels).Photo 4: Front end shot (from tips of their ears to their toes).Photo 5: Close-up (front on shot of head, from tips of ears to the chin).

Your pictures will be automatically sent to our three-person ID Committee for inspection.

The DNA kit consists of a printable form that has a bar code that is unique to your pony. You then send the form with a hair specimen to the laboratory in Ontario. The address of the lab, as well as all other relevant information is contained within the printable form.

Click here to view a Collecting-hair-samples-for-dna-testing

Upon analysis of your samples, the lab will determine if your pony’s DNA matches that of the sire and dam named on the application form. If the outcome is positive, the Register will receive a notice from the Committee and will dispatch a Certificate to you.

Option 1:

NPS Registration + DNA Test

Non-Refundable Application Fee: $25.00

DNA Processing Fee: $50.00

Enter Your Ponys Name Here:

Option 2:

DNA Test Only

DNA Processing Fee: $50.00

Enter Your Ponys Name Here:

Option 3:

NPS Registration (DNA Test Completed)

Non-Refundable Application Fee: $25.00

Enter Your Ponys Name Here: