How to Collect a Hair Sample for the Newfoundland Pony DNA Test Kit


Pull 25 to 30 hairs from the pony’s mane, by the roots – do not touch the roots.

For young foals, hair from the tail is preferred, as it has larger root bulbs. The hair must have
root bulbs, so DO NOT CUT the hairs from your pony. Long shafts of hair are not necessary, as
DNA is extracted from the roots.

Pulling hair is very easy: Twist a few hairs around a finger, about an inch from the skin, and pull
straight out. Keep doing this until you have collected 25 to 30 hairs. If you are going to store
this hair for a bit before sending into the lab for testing please use paper envelopes and label
them appropriately, including the pony’s name and date hair pulled, names of Sire and Dame if
known and owner’s name.