Whorls (or Cowlicks) are changes in hair pattern at certain points — usually on the crest of the neck, forehead and chest – this irregular setting of coat hairs and can be used for identification since they are permanent markings.

Dorsal Stripe or eel stripe extends from the tail and is often accompanied by a band across the withers and sometimes there are also zebra stripes on the legs.  The dorsal stripe is almost always found with a dun coat. T

Prophet’s Thumb Marks – indentation the size of a thumb may appear in the flesh — particularly on the neck — supposedly indicates a good horse.

Mealy Muzzles and Eyes – creamy or light coloration on an otherwise dark coat — this is a characteristic of the Exmoor Pony and some Newfoundland Ponies.

Eyes – generally brown but occasionally may be blue or hazel or wall due to the lack of pigment — some horses have eyes of different colours.

Acquired Distinguishing Marks

Scars and Saddle Marks – these are acquired marks — white hairs caused from a bad fitting saddle, rubbing, an accident, or even abuse.