More Information on the registration of Newfoundland Ponies


NPS makes every effort to ensure that all Newfoundland ponies that meet the requirements as full blooded NL ponies and for Part-bred ponies are registered and entered into our records.  In this way we will have a record of all registered ponies; we will know who owns which ponies and finally we will have a profile of each of these ponies that will also be of interest to other owners and breeders. The registration process is straightforward.

There are two categories of ponies.  The first is full blooded NL pony – that is to say a pony with a sire and dam that are both registered with NPS.  The second is Part-bred pony (sometimes referred to as an Appendix pony).  The same application form is used for both categories. Please remember to check the appropriate box at the top of the form

Pony owners can now apply to have their ponies registered by the Newfoundland Pony Society through our Online Registration System, The first step is to complete an application form that provides certain called for information about the pony, including photographs taken from several positions.  The next step in the process is for the applicant to provide a plucked tail or mane hair sample for DNA testing purposes to be sent to a laboratory for analysis.  In the case of full blooded NL ponies, the DNA will confirm that the genetic material from the pony matches that of the named sire and dam. When everything is confirmed the registrar will issue a Registration Certificate to the owner.

Registration of Part Bred Ponies (previously known as Appendix Ponies)

The Newfoundland Pony Society does not encourage cross breeding of our ponies.  Our goal is to increase full blooded pony numbers and to protect the breed.  However, we do believe that having a Part Bred Register for crosses has merit in its own right and also provides worth to the owners of these crosses. As a result Council has re-instated the Appendix Pony Registry (now re-named Part-bred Register) with the following provisions:

1.Only ponies that are proven to be 50% or more Newfoundland pony qualify for registration as Part-Bred ponies.  Parentage must be from a NPS registered pony and needs to be proven.

2. After January 1st, 2016, only part-bred ponies whose SIRE is a NPS registered full Newfoundland Pony will be eligible for Part-bred registration; Part Bred offspring of registered Newfoundland mares will not be eligible. This policy protects our mares, and discourages their being bred to anything other than a registered Newfoundland stallion.  While this helps increase the full blooded herd numbers, it also gives worth and recognition to the stallions, thereby encouraging owners to keep them intact and at the same time providing stallion owners with helpful income from stud fees.

3. The same registration application process is followed as for full applications.  Go to the NPS Registration page on the web site for the Application form and choose Part-Bred Registration option.  For Part Bred ponies, DNA testing must be provable to a NPS registered Newfoundland Pony, which after January 1st, 2016, must be the sire.

4. Successful applicants will receive a Part Bred Newfoundland Pony Certificate. The Part Bred Registry uses a “PB” in the numbering system to denote that the named pony is a registered Part Bred Newfoundland Pony.

5. Part Bred ponies should be referred to as Part Bred Newfoundland Ponies, not as Newfoundland Ponies to avoid confusion and distinguish the difference between the part bred and full bred Newfoundland Pony.

6. The fee is the same as for full pony registration.